Fiona’s paintings have evolved through observation and love of the local seascapes. ‟I sometimes include locked away images of childhood memories from Israel and maritime Southern France. These are often ghost-like depictions of figures and scenes from the past that re-emerge in my work.”

The seascape has been her primary working subject while living on the Kentish coast, in and around Whitstable. ‟I am constantly inspired by the ever-changing palette of colours and unique atmosphere, understated beauty of this coastline. The geographical position and other elements contrive to create an almost surreal quality of light in certain conditions. The colour and mood of the shallow sea changes swiftly according to tide and wind direction, and with constantly changing skies, dramatic visual effects are often witnessed; from the mercury millpond stillness to the restless, muddy impatience of an estuary tide, whipped by a north-westerly gale.”

Since moving to the coast of West Somerset, Fiona takes her inspiration from the rugged local seascapes and the wonderful sandy beaches in nearby North Devon. ‟The sea and sky on this beautiful coastline is fuelled by ever-present energy of the Atlantic Ocean and even on gentle, warm summer days, the latent power of the ocean is so palpable as you walk the cliffs and beaches. The dramatic atmospheric conditions and colours of the sea and coast here are in constant flux which creates wonderful visual images to transpose onto canvas.”

Fiona takes inspiration from Old Masters such as Cezanne, Turner and Whistler, along with contemporary painters Euan Uglow and Fred Cuming.